Fashion Shoot Taps Into Hoarding's Glamorous Side


Fashion is all about making everything glamorous and expensive, right? I wouldn’t know because I only shop at the GAP and dress like my mom, so I’m not really sure about this whole fashion thing. What I am sure of, though, is that this fashion spread in Interview is reaching, even for fashion, which has been doing a lot of reaching lately. It’s all about hoarders, who normally gross people out, especially when they hoard so many cats that a bunch of them get petrified and the whole house is covered in “fecal dust,” but when you throw fashion into the mix, it’s suddenly cutting edge and interesting, right? Like that one time Vogue made the BP Oil Spill that destroyed an entire habitat and killed thousands of animals cutting edge and interesting, right? Right?

Here’s the Interview description of the spread, in all it’s glory:

She lives in her own world, surrounded by the comfort of her possessions, a dark nostalgia, and romantic layers that cover the skin. She’s a contemporary Miss Havisham, as modernity meets tradition and classically tailored coats and jackets meet exaggerated boots and enormous wedges, with protective covers of matt and shine. Here comes Pre-Fall.

What is this, one of those painfully terrible America’s Next Top Model challenges? Also, uh, contemporary Miss Havisham has been done, Interview, and she looked like this. As far as putting Bottega Veneta next to a rotting pile of ramen and telling me it’s Pre-Fall? Go home, fashion. You’re drunk.


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