Fashion Would You Rather: Spongebob Chic vs. Power-Clashing Catwoman


Welcome to Fashion Would You Rather, a new feature in which I find very ugly clothes and force you to choose which you would rather don in public.

This week, in honor of Fashion Week (or Fashion Month, whatever) we have two fresh-off-the-runway contenders: one is entirely made out of Spongebob’s face and skin, and the other is a full-body jumpsuit paired with metallic fingerless gloves, a troll-colored faux fur jacket, and bright pink boots.

Here’s a closer look at the contenders, with a bit of context (because Fashion Ugly is snobby and requires explaining):

An all-Spongebob ensemble from Moschino’s fall-winter collection, which also featured McDonald’s-themed garb. Moschino is a fashion house typically known for conceptually lampooning the industry, so this is a thought-provoking Spongebob outfit, unlike the Spongebob wares one can purchase for a pittance at Target. However, times have really changed since Franco Moschino was sued by prominent fashion houses for “flagrantly parodying” them — this collection’s already been everywhere, and it came out like a week ago.

A Catwoman-inspired getup from the Blonds’ fall-winter 14 collection. Design duo Phillipe and David Blond originally rose to prominence via designing the corset worn by Lady Gaga in her “Paparazzi” video; they tend to be experimental and arty (i.e., sometimes v. ugly) and typically mix glamour and camp. This collection’s theme was “Good Girl Gone Bad,” and it re-imagined comic book villains. This look is all about female power — the power to don a spandex body suit with pointy suede shoes and also a doily around your neck; the power to a jacket made out of Oscar the Grouch.

WHICH WOULD YOU RATHER (keeping in mind that you couldn’t remove any part of the look because that is cheating)?

Images via Getty.

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