Fast Food Employees Are Already Starting to Win Wage Lawsuits

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It’s always nice when the law actually does what its supposed to and sides with the people getting unconscionably screwed by large corporations. We’ve got a good example of one of those instances today.

Remember the wage lawsuits filed against McDonald’s recently by employees alleging that various locations had just straight-up stolen from them? Well, it turns out, at least one lawsuit, in NYC, has already been settled, to the tune of $500,000 spread out among over 1600 workers. Most of the violations occurred either as unpaid overtime, or when employees were forced to work off-the-clock — and it did not take long for the NY Attorney General’s office to finish their investigation and come back with a report that read as the legal equivalent of “holy shit, what the fuck, McDonald’s?” Could this be a sign of further legal victories to come? One can only hope.

It can feel bleak, sometimes, to realize the depths to which US food service companies are willing to mistreat their employees, even within the US itself (and believe me, this isn’t just the fast food industry). Still, at least its good to know the US is not the only country that struggles with this.

Image via AP.

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