Feces-Fighting Mom Is Banned From McDonald's


In case you were planning to complain about the cleanliness of your local McDonald’s, just be advised that you won’t be welcome back in their feces-covered eatery. After swabbing several Arizona McDonald’s as part of her crusade against bacteria in kids’ playrooms, Erin Carr-Jordan received a hand-delivered letter informing her that she’s no longer allowed in eight local restaurants. Carr-Jordan says she believes the incident that really set off the chain was when she found MRSA in a PlayPlace. She demanded that the area be shut down after she saw a child licking a ball. McDonald’s says it’s still willing to talk with her, but she’s become “disruptive to the employees and customers within our franchise’s restaurants.” Carr-Jordan says she doesn’t care about the ban because, “I’ve gotten positive responses from parents who said, ‘Hey, I’m not banned. Give me swabs.'”

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