Feel Like Peeing in Public? Fine, These Walls Will Pee Back


Public urination is a huge problem in the St. Pauli neighborhood of Hamburg, where visitors to the red light district feel that any building that catches their fancy can become a toilet if they just try hard enough. And with cleaning costs mounting, a local group has decided to fight urine with urine in order to teach the drunk and disorderly a lesson.

A local community group has turned the walls of the previously urine-soaked buildings into a minefield, painting several of the buildings in the area with expensive paint (usually reserved for ships) that’s water-repellent. That means that whenever someone decides to baptize a building with some processed bear, there’s a fair chance that the building will baptize the urinator right back, splashing them with their own waste to ask “how do you like them apples, asshole?”

(Subtitles available)

According to Time, the operation has been successful so far. While the paint isn’t cheap, what the neighborhood is saving in cleaning costs by forcing drunk partiers to wear their own pee as they wander through the neighborhood’s many sights and sounds is more than making up for the price. Maybe as word (and the smell of revelers covered in their own urine) spreads, the group won’t even need to buy any more pee-repellent paint. Maybe people will just be terrified of unleashing a waterfall of piss anywhere but the bathroom.

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