Feeling Myself: Erin's Perfect Jeans

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In this series, we talk to women about their favorite outfits.

Erin is a friend of mine and let’s just get this out of the way up front: she’s a beaut. So, pretend she’s mortal.

Jane: Erin, tell me about these looks.

Erin: I wear big tops because I have no tits. High waisted jeans are my go-to. I like them tight and emphasize them in my outfits because it’s a strong area for me. (Related: see note about my tits).

Rag & Bone Jeans, Banana Republic blouse, Bed Stu shoes, Levi’s belt.

Levi’s jeans, H&M sweater, Dolce Vita flats from Buffalo Exchange.

Erin: I don’t ever feel “in season.” If I am, it’s an accident.

I wear things that I think accentuate my strengths but I like to look out for a few items that I kind of have to “pull off,” because I like them, regardless of whether anyone else does. For example, I have a gold lamé tank top.

When getting ready, I do spend a lot of time mixing and matching from the items I’ve got until I find a new combination. Then, I work it.

Banana Republic Outlet pants, Levi’s Outlet sweater & shirt, Bass Outlet flats.

Erin: You can change your silhouette a lot with your clothes. Most helpful for me? I take photos of myself in what I like to remind me what styles work for my body when I’m shopping or getting ready.

Hat & scarf, both hand-me-downs.

Jane: How do you pull off a hat and scarf?

Erin: Am I pulling it off? You have to be confident to wear a hat. You have to like how you look even when someone tells you it doesn’t look good. (Like…when my wife sees me in this hat.)

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