Female Sexual Pleasure Is Too Hot For TV


We are dubious about the claims that female sexual arousal can improved with an essential oil compound. But we have no doubt whatsoever that television executives have a double standard when it comes to talking about women and sex.

Taking a page from Lane Bryant, Zestra’s makers are in The New York Times today discussing how they were too hot for TV. They have an even stronger case: out 100 TV stations, only Soapnet Women’s Entertainment and Discovery Health would take their commercial, or placed heavy restrictions on when and how it could air. Even Facebook and WebMD turned them away.

Why? The president of the company that manufactures Zestra tells the Times, “The Cialises of the world are a perfectly acceptable part of conversation in our culture today… There’s a double standard when it comes to society’s comfort level with female sexual health and enjoyment.”

And a male media studies professor suggests they had a more difficult time getting on the air because Zestra “places female pleasure first, and even seems to suggest that this pleasure can be had with or without the presence of a man.” The Times points out that there are no men in the Zestra ad. (Contrast that with the jubilant, heterosexual couples of the erectile dysfunction ads.)

All of it sounds about right. But Zestra isn’t cowed and has started getting… creative. Here’s a press release we got this summer that belongs in the annals of unlikely pitches.

Hamptons bound? For those women boarding the bus to reach this desired destination, starting the weekend of August 7th through Labor Day 2010, they can expect the drive to go beyond getting them to East Hampton and environs stress-free.
Courtesy of Hampton Luxury Liner, these passengers can prepare to get their sexy on…and blast their libidos into high drive. Riders on this luxury cruiser who dip into their goody bags found on board will be delighted to discover Zestra Essential Arousal Oils. It’s the first, natural, clinically proven topical oil formulated with a patented blend of hormone free, paraben free botanical extracts. Going beyond boosting sexual desire,(for new mothers to newly menopausal women), it’s been clinically proven and effective in heightening arousal and sexual satisfaction.
While the Hampton Luxury Liner has been known to speed through traffic to reach nirvana, users of Zestra will soon discover the Zestra Rush within minutes of applying it, that deep, pleasurable and prolonged sensation. The sun, the surf, and great sex…for an ultimately satisfying weekend. But the transportation company may have to replace the luxury liner with a a rocket ship for the return trip to NYC because regular Zestra users have been known to say, “it sends you to the moon, baby.”

Nothing says orgasm like a bus stalled on the Long Island Expressway.

For Female Aphrodisiac Makers, Efforts At Parity [NYT]

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