Feminist Nazi Meme Is Sadly the World's Worst Meme :(


Who hasn’t enjoyed a good meme? Probably people with really fulfilling lives, but the rest of us, well, we can enjoy a pleasant giggle with a just clever-enough Scumbag Steve, Success Kid, or Philosoraptor.

These memes can be used to thoughtfully skewer popularly-held beliefs, call out privilege or pretense, or just be delightfully stupid and funny. But, as with Harrison Ford and stud earrings, memes can fall into the wrong hands. Socially awkward dumbasses spend a lot of time on the internet, and socially awkward dumbasses like to make memes be social awkward dumbasses. Bad combo, everyone.

With the introduction of Feminist Nazi meme, I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or poison our drinking water supply. Mainly I’m just bored, if you’re gonna hilariously send-up feminazis, at least be fucking funny. I’m so tired of this shit, is there not one funny bro in the whole bunch? Not one who’s like, “Yo, dudes, let’s put some of these ideas down on paper, they’re not all gonna be gold right off the bat.” Homeboys need an editor, for real.

I kinda want to get in there and make a few for them to show them how it’s done. Teach a feminazi 101 so that they can finally talk to a woman and begin to understand their inner-workings. I will let them know that we shit marshmallows, our breasts are bags of sand, and that if we run together in a giant circle, that is how hurricanes originate. I think the memes could finally start to get good.

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