Fifty Shades Leads Continue to Hate Each Other on the Cover of Glamour


It’s been pre-established that the romantic leads of Fifty Shades of Grey--Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson—either despise each other, are so uncomfortable in each other’s company that they engage with the wide-eyed terror of caged animals or—Occam’s razor approach—simply have no on-camera chemistry. Their recent spread in Glamour, ‘fraid to say, does nothing to dispel those perceptions.

In the cover photos, Dornan—who I feel compelled to
point out is a very talented actor and affable-seeming dude in general—looks so pained that he might actually be on the brink of tears as Johnson clings to him like a beautiful, blood-thirsty chupacabra.

This one was clearly taken after he had come back from a good cry in the bathroom. SOMETIMES YOU JUST HAVE TO LET IT OUT, JAMIE.

CHIN UP, GUYS. You’ll be okay.

Images via Steven Pan/Glamour.

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