Finally, A Product To Give You "Latino Curves"


Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wished your body was more curvy? You know, like a Latino? Well, worry no more, for a glorious new product called “Bodyshapers,” with packaging that promises to give you the curves of a Latino (which we all know is the curviest of ethnicities), for one low, low price.

Reports Gwen Sharp of Sociological Images,

So on the one hand, bodyshapers make you instantly sexier, and being curvy is a characteristic of Latinas. But on the other hand, trying to meet that body shape is impossible and even unnatural…so you need to buy a product that does it for you. Problem fixed!

As women, there are so, so many things wrong with us. Thank goodness there’s something out there that’s so advanced that it can not only fix our natural shittiness, but even go back in time and change our ethnicities into that of a Latino. Or Latina.

Bodyshapers Give You Latino Curves [Sociological Images]

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