FINALLY: For $30, You Can Own Some George W. Bush Art Stuff


Still stumped on what to get that special someone in your life for the holidays? Not quite sure what to do for stocking stuffers this year? Well, we here at the Jezebel Institute for Christmas Crap have found just the perfect thing!

Remember all that crazy artwork George W. Bush was making? Turns out, he’s decided to sell some reproductions! Yup, just in time for the holidays you can get your hands on your very own George W. Bush bird painting ornament. Really:

The ornament, which features a Bush painting of a cardinal, is the first reproduction of the former president’s work to be available for purchase. Bush surprised many in politics, the media and the art world earlier this year by discussing his newfound love of painting.

Whether you love him, hate him, hate him but love his art, hate him and hate his damn art, now you can finally get your hands on a “W” original! The ornament can be found in its natural setting, aka the gift shop at the George W. Bush Presidential Center, if you want see what $29.98 will buy you.

I am definitely adding this to my Black Friday shopping list! What better way to bring forth glad tidings during the holiday season this year! I can’t wait to see my relatives huddled together this year, screaming “WTF IS THAT HANGING ON YOUR GODDAMN TREE, BURT?” Ahh, holidays.

(BTW the fabulous Laura Beck tipped me off to this. See, even when she’s not working, she’s here for you guizzzze!)

Photos via Getty Images, George W. Bush Presidential Center

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