Finally the 'Honest Trailer' for Gone Girl Is Here


The Honest Trailer for Gone Girl is here at long last to remind us that this potential-Oscar nominated film based is kind of batshitcrazy.

I have witnessed many things divide the readership of this community apart (the scarred carcasses that scattered the horizon during the Team Dog vs. Team Cat Wars still haunt my memory) but nothing has ever torn people apart more than Gone Girl. You have people who loved the book and loved the movie, people who loved the book and hated the movie, people who hated the book and loved the movie and people who just hated the book and the movie. (The you have the weirdos who just want to talk about Ben Affleck’s penis way too much.) The honest trailer will help you relive all of the “WTF” and “wait—why?” moments you experienced watching the film.

“This movie could have really used more Tyler Perry.” Probably the first time ever in history those words have ever been uttered.

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