Fired Business Insider CTO Digs Himself Into An Even Deeper Douchehole


New York magazine’s Dan Amira got an interview with the recently fired Business Insider CTO Pax Dickinson and while we can assume Dickinson did the interview in order to try to take control of his rapidly deteriorating image as a smart and articulate person, it’s clear now that he should probably stop trying.

Dickinson told Amira that he regrets some of the tweets, but he thinks others, like that really appropriate one about Mel Gibson, just needed to be read in context:

Well, to a certain extent a lot of the tweets that were really called out on me were very old and topical, and the topical nature was lost. You know, a three and a half year old tweet about Mel Gibson, the context was kind of lost there. If I had known that tweet was there I would have gone back and deleted it just because it could be taken out of context too easily. But I still — I still think it was funny, so I don’t apologize that much. It was a funny joke, sorry!

Dickinson also thinks he’s just the “bad guy” that the media needs and that tech doesn’t have a problem with women. Women just aren’t interested in technology and we shouldn’t try to change that because it might ruin what is so great about the tech world to begin with:

I think the tech world is just kind of — it doesn’t have a woman problem. Women in tech are great. There’s just not that many of them because tech is just a kind of thing that a lot of women aren’t that interested in, I think. I mean, I don’t think it has a problem. I’d worry more about taking away what makes tech great. The freewheeling nature of it is what leads to innovation. And my fear is that if we’re all going to police what we say, maybe we lose that innovation. And tech is important, it’s really important to this country and to the world. And I’d hate to see us kill the goose that lays the golden egg by turning it into a politically correct wasteland.

At this point, it should come as no surprise that he while he doesn’t like apps like Titstare, Dickinson doesn’t believe that creating an app that denigrates women is misogyny:

We need to be careful about doing those things that make women uncomfortable. I spoke out against Titstare. I thought it was crass and sexist and stupid. It was the dumbest thing int he world and what I was attempting to point out is that yes, Titstare is crass and sexist and stupid, but it’s not misogyny.
Real misogyny is, you know, hatred of women and violence against women and all that. Those are terrible things, but let’s not devalue those things, let’s not make those things, let’s not trivialize them by using the same words for things like Titstare. I mean, Titstare is harmless. It’s crass, but it’s harmless. but men need to be more careful. I wrote something on BI about this a while back in a comment and it was about that men need to be more careful, and women need to understand that when men do some of these things we’re just being men, we’re just letting off steam. We’re not trying to make you uncomfortable, we’re not intending to be sexist. We’re not, you know — mistakes get made. We all need to just try to communicate a little bit, I think.

Way way more at Daily Intel but good to know that if we all just communicated a little bit better, there would be no problems in the world. Luckily for us, Dickinson has planned a Reddit AMA in order to share more of his brilliant musings with the world. Om shanti om or something.

Pax Dickinson on His Regrets, the Media ‘Witch Hunt,’ and What Women Need to Understand About Men [Daily Intel]

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