Firefighters 'Rescue' Perfectly Chill Mountain Lion From Tree


A mountain lion luxuriating in a tree in San Bernardino, California was rudely interrupted by a group of firefighters who insisted on removing it.

According to the BBC, on Saturday, the tree-dwelling lion was enjoying a lovely afternoon in the sunshine when some busybody homeowner spotted him while working in a nearby yard. The homeowner, presumably worried about getting eaten or something, narced to authorities, prompting local firefighters to work in tandem with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to tranquilize the lion and get him out of the tree. Per Facebook:

“It is common for young mountain lions to wander outside what some would consider normal habitat in an attempt to establish their territory,” says Fish & Wildlife biologist Kevin Brennan.
Fish & Wildlife Warden Rick Fischer remarked that without the help of San Bernardino County firefighters it would have been difficult to extract the animal safely, and that while human attacks are rare, mountain lions have been known to attack family pets and livestock.
“Leaving the lion in the tree would not have been safe for the community,” Fischer said.

Indeed, humans are always so worried about their human communities and their stupid human limbs and their dumb human babies and never bother to ask lions whether or not they wanted to have their day ruined by a bunch of firefighters and biologists with tranq guns.

In any case, once the lion woke up he was released back into the wild. I hope he soon finds fun trees to hang out in adjacent to a more accepting group of people, or at least befriends a small child with whom he can embark on many enlightening adventures.

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