Flesh-Eating Disease Victim Aimee Copeland on her Loss of Limbs: "It's Just How the Cookie Crumbles"


Aimee Copeland, the 24-year-old woman who made headlines after she lost her hands and most of her legs to a flesh eating bacterial infection (known as necrotizing fasciitis) that she sustained in a zip-lining accident last Spring, has now recovered enough to make press appearances and talk about her nightmarish experience. This morning, she appeared on Good Morning America in an interview that was downright inspiring.

Despite the devastating loss of her limbs, Copeland has stayed remarkably positive and accepting of her circumstances. When asked if she ever experiences a “why me” moment, she replied:

“Not especially. The thought has crossed my mind, but I don’t really tend to think along those terms. This could have happened to anyone. I was in this situation so, you know this is just how the cookie crumbles.”

According to Copeland, the hardest thing for her to get used to is figuring out how to do basic things like style her hair and brush her teeth. Having once stood at 5’8,” she also deeply misses her height, saying:

“It’s terrible. I hate it. I hate having to look up at people… I’ll be glad when I’m vertical a lot more.”

Amy has been fit for prosthetics and is currently learning to walk with them.


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