Florida GOP Rep: New School Curriculum Will 'Turn Your Child Gay'

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Like any other change to educational standards, Florida’s implementation of the new “Common Core” has come under fire for all the reasons you’d expect of new curriculums. However, if you believe one Florida politician, the worst part is the new standards are totally capable of turning all Floridian children gay.

Florida State Representative Charles Van Zant (R) spoke at the “Operation Education Conference” in Orlando in March, but ThinkProgress has only now made the video publicly available. While apologising for being the messenger of such “bad news,” Van Zant claimed that the education officials behind the news standards were “promoting as hard as they can any youth that is interested in the LGBT agenda.”

These people, that will now receive $220 million from the state of Florida unless this is stopped, will promote double-mindedness in state education and attract every one of your children to become as homosexual as they possibly can. I’m sorry to report that to you.

In addition to the video, ThinkProgress managed quite the link round up as far as totally whack-a-doodle responses to the Common Core, and wow are some of them doozies.

Alabama Tea Party leader saying a vote for Common Core will damn lawmakers to hell, the American Family Association warning that children won’t “survive” Common Core, Eagle Forum saying it will promote homosexuality, Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) calling it “socialism,” and WorldNetDaily saying it will turn America into Nazi Germany.

Watch the full video of Van Zant’s remarks:

Image via AP. Video via ThinkProgress/YouTube.

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