Florida Woman Arrested for Running a Botox Clinic Out of Her Garage


There are a lot of different things you can do in a garage: you can keep stuff in it; if you are a dissatisfied and unkempt youth, you can do some angry band-related stuff in there; you can trick renters into thinking it’s an apartment that you happen to occasionally drive cars into… Or, if you are like this enterprising Florida woman, you can turn it into a fake doctor’s office in which you perform unlicensed cosmetic procedures.

According to CBS, Alejandra Tobon of Penbroke Pines, FL, did exactly that. She was arrested on Wednesday for practicing medicine without a license, and she’s accused of administering Botox injections, filler injections, vitamin injections, plasma therapy and Carboxy therapy — all from her garage, which she had converted to look like a doctor’s office. Neighbors also say that they’d often see her chilling around her house in scrubs, which wasn’t all that misleading, actually. The Daily Mail did some digging and found that she does have some medical certifications: she’s certified as a massage therapist and electrologist — neither of which, unfortunately, enables her to legally inject the icy serum of youth into other humans.

Police say they first heard of her alleged actions in December 2013 from a woman who had an averse reaction to the injections. I’m not really sure what prompted them to arrest her all of a sudden now (maybe they saw the Real Housewives supercut) (it was probably the Real Housewives supercut).

Image via CBS.

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