Flower-Delivery Drones Fly Again, Thanks to Federal Judge


Truly, friends, we do live in an age of technological wonders. Thanks to a decision by a federal judge, a Detroit-area florist plans to resume tests of flower delivery via drone.

The Motor City and romance—both saved!

FlowerDeliveryExpress.com originally announced it was staging an Internet-friendly marketing stunt testing delivery via unmanned aerial vehicle the week before Valentine’s Day, complete with video:

The FAA quickly shut them down, on the grounds their little brainstorm required authorization. But since then, a judge has ruled in the case of a photographer fined for “reckless flying” with a drone, suggesting the FAA can’t regulate flights below 400 feet. So, according to Detroit’s local CBS affiliate, the publicity-seeking tech-savvy florists are back at it: “We have to do some more testing on it and develop it into a more seamless and available product.” The option won’t be available to the general public for some time, though, if ever.

A humble suggestion for the offerings via drone: the option to be showered in rose petals. Just dump a bucketful on my head, guys. I’ll be right here waiting, jostling with all the ruin porn photographers.

(h/t Fark)

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