Folks Who Work in Fashion Can't Necessarily Afford to Shop Fashionably


Fashionista conducted a fashion-industry salary survey, and although fashion is a glamorous job — one where you’re certainly expected to dress very well — the salaries are not great, unless you’re literally running things.

As Allison P. Davis at The Cut points out:

…Nobody is making a ton of money, or even really enough money — unless you’re a stylist, director of some sort (in the $100,000s), or a CMO ($306,600 a year on average). Surprisingly, although jobs in social media were the hot career, employees in that sector make the lowest across-the-board — even top-manager salaries averaged out at $71,900.

Yes, a senior level social media manager is getting an average of $71K. That kind of cash is nothing to scoff at, but in New York City, home of the garment industry and many fashion labels, the average rent is around $3,000 a month. Rent’s supposed to be about 25% of your salary, which means at $71K, you should be paying under $1500 a month… A senior-level manager who desperately needs roommates. And what about hair, nails, makeup and wardrobe? Fashion gals are expected to look pristine and put-together at all times. Sure, employee discounts help. But in retail, the senior positions like Store Manager and Buyer are making under $70k. Glossy magazines seem fun, but an associate editor makes around $40k. Is that enough to keep you in Philip Lim trousers and Miu Miu heels?

How Much Fashion Jobs Really Pay [Fashionista]

Breaking: The Fashion Industry Is Underpaid [The Cut]

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