For Some Reason, PornHub Has a Record Label Now


Ever noticed how totally great and mesmerizing the music in pornography is? Me neither, but that hasn’t stopped PornHub from launching a music label!

That’s according to Billboard (via Betabeat). Apparently Coolio recorded something titled “Take It To The Hub” for the company this summer (sample lyrics: “don’t hesitate to grab that glove, and take it to the hub”), and it was such a dazzling success they’re rolling out the red carpet for additional artists. Take it away, Billboard:

“We’ve always seen a strong music presence from the beginning of Pornhub,” says company head of PR and marketing Matt Blake. “Artists upload their own stuff, like uncensored tracks and R-rated versions of songs. Some people come in and upload exclusive videos, so it creates a buzz for them.” Indeed, in June, New York-based electronic producer FaltyDL debuted the video for his new single, “Some Jazz Shit,” on Pornhub (don’t get excited: the perfectly SFW clip featured an empty bed).

If porn’s not your muse, don’t worry. They’re looking for so much more than fap soundtracks:

“We’re looking for acts that aren’t necessarily porn-focused,” says Price. “We’re an ad-based network looking for content that appeals to our demographic. Mature lyrics for an adult audience; no boy bands or teen-pop, for instance.”

But if your dearest desire in life is to express your love for PornHub in song, great news—they’re also launching a competition to find an “anthem” for the site. Because that’s what PornHub needs: an instantly recognizable theme song for someone to blare from their laptop when they accidentally yank out their headphones. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Image via PornHub

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