Former Staffer Says Michele Bachmann Violated Senate Ethics Rules, Is Totally Wily


Our favorite googly-eyed presidential failure and outrageously shitty person, Michele Bachmann, recently won WND’s “Woman of the Year” award. But she won’t be winning any financial prizes anytime soon, because her ex-staffers continue to come out of the woodwork with horror stories.

We’ve heard that Bachmann didn’t pay her staffers because they wouldn’t sign a sketchy confidentiality agreement. Now, former field coordinator Peter Waldron — the accused terrorist/”Kill The Gays” advocate who’s a real gem himself — claims several violations of federal election laws by Bachmann’s campaign.

According to the Quad City Times, one pertains to Iowa state Sen. Kent Sorenson, who Waldron alleges was paid $7,500 a month for his role as Iowa state chairman for the Bachmann campaign through a third party: C&M Strategies of Colorado. Basically, that means “the Bachmann campaign would overpay C&M Strategies for its work and C&M Strategies would then cut a check to Sorenson for his work on behalf of the Bachmann campaign.”

State senators aren’t allowed to be employed by political campaigns, so Bachmann could be in big trouble. Who knows what else we’ll find out if she keeps refusing to pay her staffers?

[QC Times]

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