Four Huge Reasons To Look Forward To A Fat-Camp Show


Hairspray‘s Nikki Blonsky and Hayley Hasselhoff have been cast in an ABC Family TV series called Huge. This show just might be great, and here’s why:

First, the story is based on a book by Sasha Paley, whose characters have been described as “sharply drawn.” Having good source material is always a plus; it beats some dudes in a boardroom coming up with a concept.

Second, the show is written by My So-Called Life creator Winnie Holzman and her daughter, Savannah Dooley. MSCL took teenage emotions seriously, and a mother-daughter writing team could add perspective, warmth, humor and realness to the story.

Third: A teen show with non-skinny people has to be interesting. According to The Hollywood Reporter:

The series will revolve around six teens and the staff at Wellness Canyon, a weight-loss camp. It centers on Will (Blonsky), a funny, opinionated overweight girl sent to the camp by her wealthy parents who own a chain of fitness centers, and Amber (Hasselhoff), a curvy teen who is the skinniest and hottest girl at the camp but who considers herself too heavy.

A weight-loss camp is a goldmine when it comes to drama, emotions, laughter and tears. As an added bonus, overweight teenagers have the chance to see themselves represented on TV.

Fourth: Camp! Stories set at camp — from Little Darlings to Salute Your Shorts to Camp Nowhere and Camp — have that special something. You can explore how kids function in a parent-free atmosphere, and throw together people who would never meet otherwise. Not to mention the antics involving the requisite lake.

Hayley Hasselhoff & Nikki Blonsky are ‘Huge’ [JustJared]
Nikki Blonsky to star in ABC Family’s ‘Huge’ [The Hollywood Reporter]

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