Fox News Accuses Hillary Clinton of Getting a 'Glamorous New Face'


At this point there’s no limit to how low Fox News will go to besmirch the left, so it should come as no surprise that Fox & Friends are attempting to start a rumor that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has gotten a facelift, just days after stepping down from her prestigious position.

“Is this the face of presidential ambition?” asks Wizard of Oz scarecrow Steve Doocy. “Somebody has launched a new website for [Hillary Clinton], showing off this glamorous new face. Facelift, prehaps? Well, that’s fueling rumors about her run for president in 2016, but her aids say it’s simply a way for her fans and the media to reach her.”

Yes, this is sexist and frustrating, but doesn’t it also make you want to laugh in Steve Doocy’s face? Not only is the before photo that supposedly proves her facelift from the middle of the exhausting Benghazi hearings and the after photo a photoshopped headshot, but the poor babies at Fox News are just so damn desperate to make a ripple they’ll try anything. Thirsty, irrelevant muhfuckers, I almost pity them. Almost.

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