Fox News Is Fox News: 'Girls More Likely to Have Hateful Little Minds'


Fox News has officially produced the Fox News-iest chryon of all time: “DR RUSSELL: LITTLE GIRLS MORE LIKELY TO HAVE HATEFUL LITTLE MINDS.” I guess that’s one way to report on an attempted murder by a couple tweens.

Here’s some context, courtesy of Buzzfeed. During a Wednesday afternoon Fox News discussion about the recent incident in Waukesha, Wisconsin where two 12-year-olds stabbed a classmate nineteen times, then told police that they did it in order to please urban legend/monster invention of the internet “Slender Man,” forensic psychologist Dr. Brian Russell remarked:

“I think this is much more probably about immature [sic], hatred, jealousy, narcissism, and probably coupled with insufficient parenting — probably what we have here are a couple morally underdeveloped, hateful, jealous, little minds with insufficient supervision and parenting. It’s probably a more run-of-the-mill attempted murder really.”

(Emphasis ours.)

Put this statement through the Fox News machine and it somehow comes out as “All little girls are deceitful, nasty psychopaths.”

Coincidentally, “Hateful Little Minds” is the name of the Pretty Little Liars spinoff that I’ve been trying to pitch to ABC Family for years.

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