Fox News Movie Starring Nicole Kidman Dropped by Studio Right Before Production


A big Hollywood project about the downfall of Roger Ailes—with a cast that includes Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, John Lithgow, Kate McKinnon, and Margot Robbie has been dropped by its studio, Annapurna Pictures, just before production was set to start.

Variety reported that the move came despite the fact that the movie was about to begin shooting in two weeks—“Focus Features is expected to come on board, according to sources. Two other sources say Bron Studios will co-finance the film.” One source told Variety it was about the budget, though others suggested that “internal issues within the studio may have played a part as well.”

According to Variety:

The movie focuses on Ailes’ downfall, zeroing in on a group of female employees who bucked the culture of sexism at the network to oust the news baron from power. Kidman will play Gretchen Carlson, the Fox News anchor who sued Ailes for harassment in July 2016, and Theron will portray Megyn Kelly, a star at the network whose decision to go public with her own story of abuse was seen as a key turning point. Robbie’s character is said to be a fictional Fox News associate producer.

Oscar night should be a grim throwback the year this comes out.

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