Frat Bro Offers Charming Supply-and-Demand Explanation of Campus Dating Scene


Columbia University’s The Eye convinced Delta Sigma Phi brother Phil Ross to take an hour off “from preparing for investment banking interviews” to discuss the “romantic framework of the ‘fraternity man.'” Oh no. His response? It’s all about supply and demand, bro.

As a financial economics major, Ross was quick to offer a supply-and-demand explanation for the advantages of men in the dating market on campus. “Men are spoilt for choice,” he says. When you factor in Barnard’s role within the larger Columbia community, the emerging landscape is representative of the gender ratios that will be present in the workforce when we graduate: namely, with more women than men. As a result, dating at Columbia is “a matter of opportunity cost,” Ross says, meaning that a man at Columbia has less to lose from seeking multiple parters because of the sheer number of options available to him.

Lucky Columbia/Barnard ladies: Ross is a junior, which means you have ample time to try and woo him. If he’ll have you! If.

[The Eye]

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