Fraternity "Game" Involves Roofies


A University of Central Florida fraternity is in deep shit after getting caught playing a “game” involving roofies at a pirate-themed mixer with Kappa Kappa Gamma in February. Date rape, ahoy!

According to Central Florida Future, members of Delta Upsilon fraternity drugged random drinks before mixers with various sororities and then passed the roofie coladas on the bus to sponsored events. The object of the “game” is to guess, at the end of the night, which of the lucky ladies were drugged without their consent. Nothing says “fraternal bonding” like dehumanizing women- I mean, sluts who totally deserved it. Amirite, bros? Up top.

UCF officials and police say they’re taking the incident “very seriously” and are still investigating.

What’s the game called? Who will reinforce negative stereotypes of fraternities the hardest? Because, if so, you all win!

UCF Fraternity Under Investigation After Being Accused of Using Date Rape Drug on Women
[Central Florida Future]

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