French Are Drinking Less Wine, So We Ask Them to Send Us the Extra


If we have to live in a world where the French aren’t perpetually drunk and making fromage (that’s what they call sex) on sidewalk cafe chairs while also eating baguettes and glaring at Americans, I don’t understand how to understand anything. But apparently, I’m gonna have to get used to it.

According to the man who led the study, Philippe Janvier of FranceAgriMer, France’s average wine consumption has fallen from a massive 160 litres per adult, per year in 1960 to only 57 litres in 2010, that’s about the same as going from three glasses per day to but one. I mean, GOD, they’re practically Austrians at this point*!

Why the transition from fabulousness to no fun? Public awareness campaigns about alcoholism and a slow economy were cited as the main reasons.

The survey, published this week, found that the number of people who drank wine on a daily basis had fallen to 17 percent in 2010, down from 21 percent five years earlier.
In the same period, the number of occasional drinkers, those who enjoy a glass once or twice a week, rose from 41 to 45 percent. The number of tee-totallers was stable at 38 percent.

In 1980, wine was served with about half French meals, but by 2010, that had fallen to one in four. “Alcohol in general and wine in particular have become a weekend thing, to be consumed in a convivial or celebratory setting,” explained Janvier.

Like with many French societal ills, I blame Sarkozy. Monsieur Skinny Joe Pesci has been quoted as saying, “I have never drunk a drop of alcohol in my life. In France! And the French still elected me president.” Ugh, they should’ve kicked his ass out right then and there.

*Please note, I have no idea what I’m talking about, I just wanted to joke about my Austrian relatives being Sober Sally’s. Please also note, this blog post was brought to you by the color Pinot Noir. Cheers!

French wine consumption hits record low [Telegraph]

Image via Konstantin Sutyagin/ Shutterstock.

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