From Jared to Kellyanne: The Year in Political Dicks


It’s baffling to look back at the past year in politics, to begin to wade through the number of protections rolled back by the administration, or the number of Friday afternoons interrupted by news existentially threatening our democracy, or the number of times the President has demonstrated severe and unchecked senility.

It’s also baffling to look back at the growing cast of henchmen called together by that President—a group of people so thoroughly despicable in so many creative ways that it seems impossible that they were all able to occupy the spotlight as much as they did, spreading hatred, chaos, and knowledge of their horrible chins (each more horrible than the last). But the Jezebel staff is committed to documenting and cataloging this cast of withered goons, and so, for our final episode of Big Time Dicks of the year (we’re going on a quick holiday hiatus), we present an educational tour through the biggest dicks of 2017.

Listen to this week’s episode (featuring features editor Kelly Stout, Special Projects senior reporter Anna Merlan, Splinter politics reporter Katie McDonough, and me, hi) for a trip down memory lane, except here, memory lane is littered with garbage, paved with swastikas, and lined with old men trying to honk your boob and then run for Senate (and spoiler: they win!). We cover everyone from Jared Kushner to Kellyanne Conway to Michael Flynn to John Kelly (deep, anguished breath) to Mitch McConnell to Sebastian Gorka to Sean Spicer (memba him?).

Who will win the title of Biggest Dick of 2017, and the accompanying prize of a crown of dicks and a $500 Auntie Anne’s gift card redeemable only upon resignation? You’ll have to listen to find out.

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