Fuck a Half Time Show, Kittens Want Their Own Damn Game


We all knew it was coming — the day kittens would rise from their gutter homes, overthrow a corrupt puppy dictatorship, and the sun would finally rise on a new day — Feb. 2, 2014. Independence Day Kitten Bowl.

Or, it’s possibly just that Hallmark Channel wanted the feline slice of that sweet Puppy Bowl pie. Whatevs, we’ve all got TiVo for a reason, and Kitten Bowl is sounding super cute:

This “mother lode of cat agility competition” will feature adoptable kittens running through tunnels, jumping through hoops and somehow competing against each other on “A-frame Alpine scratchers.”

Ugh, there are SO MANY months until next February — maybe we should try to just sleep until then? It shouldn’t be too hard; we will just dream of kittens.

[Sun Times]

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