Gaga's Ex Sues; Lindsay Lohan Lies

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  • Lady Gaga‘s ex-boyfriend, songwriter and producer Rob Fusari, has filed a $30 million suit against her.

He claims he transformed the “young Italian Guidette” into a star. Fusari wrote “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich” and “Paparazzi” with Gaga and says he’s entitled to 15-20 percent of her earnings. What happened to “I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me”? [NY Post]

  • Lindsay Lohan lied about saving children in India and lied about why she was there — she entered the country as a tourist, meaning she was not properly authorized to work on the BBC documentary Lindsay Lohan In India while she was there. [E!]
  • Dina Lohan launches a new toothbrush today. The “Lohan Green Tooth Brush” can be used without water, saving two gallons a day. Go White Oprah, go! [Page Six]
  • George Clooney: The best, ever? He didn’t vote for himself for Best Actor — he voted for Jeff Bridges. And he photographed his ballot and sent it to Bridges, saying “If you don’t win, you can’t blame me.” [Page Six]
  • Paula Abdul will not be hosting Star Search after all. [Reuters]
  • Sam Mendes is casting the next Bond flick, and Freida Pinto might be a Bond girl. In a truly distasteful move, this column notes, “Sam Mendes picked a good time to split up with wife Kate Winslet.” [Page Six]
  • Roman Polanski‘s lawyers have filed an appeal asking that a special counsel be appointed to investigate alleged judicial and prosecutorial misconduct in the fugitive director’s 32-year-old sex case.” [Mirror]
  • Katherine Heigl‘s strap broke while she was on stage accepting the Female Star of the Year award at the ShoWest awards ceremony in Las Vegas. She managed to cover herself and say her thanks. [Telegraph]
  • “A match made in Hollywood heaven”: Tim Burton will direct a 3D stop-motion animated version of The Addams Family. The question is: Will Johnny Depp be Gomez? [The Wrap]
  • At the link, the stomach-churning details of how Sandra Bullock found out Jesse James was cheating: In Touch called her publicist on Monday to let her know the cover story would be coming out. A source says, “Sandra had no idea that all of this was going on. Now she is with family hoping for privacy. It’s bad enough for any woman to find out that her husband has been cheating on her, but to find out from your publicist and then have it on the cover of a national magazine is heartbreaking.” [PopEater]
  • One of Jesse James‘ friends is speaking out (anonymously) and says: “I am really [bleeped] at him because he had everything with her and he was really happy. What a huge mistake.” [Radar Online]
  • The woman Jesse James had an affair with, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, has an ex-husband who has spilled all kinds of personal details in court documents as the two battled over the custody of their son. Her ex claims that she’s had porn shoots in her home and live web cam porn broadcasts from her house, and that she has “magnets on the refrigerator that spell out White Power” and sometimes makes the Nazi salute. Oh, and she’s bi-polar and dates gang members. And her stripper name is “Avery,” which is the name of her son. [Radar Online]
  • …And here are photographs of Michelle McGee in Nazi gear. [TMZ]
  • Michelle “Bombshell” McGee happens to be on the cover of Tattoo Review magazine right now. Pure coincidence. But! “The issue is in great demand.” [Page Six]
  • Jesse James and Michelle “Bombshell” McGee Had Sex on The Queen Mary, Friend Claims.” [E!]
  • She’d gone missing again yesterday, but now Cinnabun has returned to Jesse James. [TMZ]
  • Lily Allen will be on a new reality show called In Confidence in which celebs sit down with a therapist and talk about “moments of joy and tragedy, and the strengths and flaws that have defined their lives. [The Sun]
  • One of the bandmembers from The Runaways is suing over the movie. [Reuters]
  • Nadya “Octomom” Suleman and her 14 kids may be evicted — the house they live in may be foreclosed upon. [Radar Online]
  • Woody Allen was interested in casting Carla Bruni in his new film, but now he says: “Carla Bruni is not a woman who earns her living as an actress. She is a First Lady. She could be taken away at any moment by other duties, like a political crisis or an important event. I have to take account of the risks that there could be, and hiring her is far from certain.” The speculation here is that he changed his mind after the affair rumors popped up. [Daily Express]
  • Tiger Woods‘ lawyer is going after the company selling Tiger sex toys. [TMZ]
  • Ramona Singer of Real Housewives says she decorated her home on her own, but an interior designer calls bullshit on that. And also? Wants to be paid. [Gatecrasher]
  • Snooki was seen saying it had been five days since she’d washed her face — meaning it had five days worth of makeup on it. A makeup artist says: “She said she was too tired to wash her face. I had to scrub to get down to her skin. When I apologized and said it would be worth it because she’d look great, she responded with, ‘I always look great anyway.'” [MSNBC Scoop]
  • Reggie Bush was seen flirting with a brunette who was not Kim Kardashian. [Page Six]
  • Have Reggie and Kim broken up? [Star]
  • A man accused of stalking Ivanka Trump has been arrested. [AP]
  • Dr. Drew‘s alleged stalker will have to undergo a mental competency evaluation. [Radar Online]
  • Hugh Grant was in a fight in a night club, and the scuffle included punches, one party smearing chocolate cake on the other, and “at some point a glass of wine was thrown. [Telegraph]
  • Jenna Jameson had surgery yesterday for a double ectopic pregnancy and “also had a pregnancy” in her uterus. The Perez headline here is “Jenna Jameson Loses Three Babies.” Hmm. More like zygote, fetus, clump of cells? [Perez]
  • Yesterday Page Six reported that Chris Rock was spotted carrying a “mystery tot.” Today BET explains that the little girl is 2 years old and from South Africa; Chris and his family have custody for six months. [BET]
  • The world is an infinite mystery, but this much is true: Michael Jackson‘s legal issues never end. Now Debbie Rowe us trying to get the estate to pay her legal fees. [TMZ, Radar Online]
  • “The investigation into the home where Michael Jackson‘s children live is being wrapped up by California’s Department of Children and Family Services and no serious problems were found.” [Radar Online]
  • Danny Masterson is being sued over a condo deal gone bad. [TMZ]
  • Prince is being sued, but you still don’t have to be rich to be his girl. [Radar Online]
  • Steven Tyler admits that Aerosmith almost broke up in the last year. [TMZ]
  • Peep a gorgeous pic of Farrah Fawcett as a teenager! [Radar Online]
  • Christoph Waltz will direct his first feature film, a German-language movie called Auf Und Davon. It’s about a woman who is the ruthless host of a dating show competition. She finds herself in over her head when the show’s romantic story line bumps into her own feelings for a contestant. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • T.I. is being sued by a company which claims he stole their unique name — Akoo — for his clothing line. [TMZ]
  • Cesar Chavez biopic: In the works. Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna‘s film company is involved. [Reuters]
  • “I think he was trying to say that Jesus was compassionate. I think that’s true — the whole message of Christianity is about compassion. I think that’s the point he was trying to make. But I don’t want to put words into his mouth – we’re good friends now so I want to stay on his good side!” — Boy George, commenting on Elton John’s statement: “I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems.” [The Sun]
  • “Please Google Mr. Roger Friedman,. He is spreading lies about me and my new business. You will see his history & why Fox fired him.” — Kirstie Alley is against media “bigotry” when it comes to Scientology. [Page Six]
  • “If you’re not drinking Ciroc vodka, then you’re drinking pee pee.” — Sean “Diddy” Combs, who is in a partnership with the brand. [Page Six]
  • “I pay more in taxes than most people would ever imagine. I guarantee you, I’m looking dead in the camera, you will never hear about Ludacris owing the damn IRS no damn money.” — Ludacris. [Page Six]
  • “My dad prepared a speech for me with a bunch of funny stuff in it,” Jaden said to the audience. “But I’m 11 and I’m nervous, so thank you!” — Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith, when winning the Breakthrough Male Star of the Year Award at the screening of his new movie, The Karate Kid. [Gatecrasher]
  • “My career has never been based on how I look, and I don’t want it to be. I like my work, like my life, to be much deeper than that: That’s something I’ve managed to escape. I think it’s a dangerous pressure. I would rather play somebody complex and rich and real than some feckless handbag.” — Toni Colette isn’t worried about getting older in a business that’s not kind to women as they age. [USA Today]
  • “It was the world’s longest closed-mouth kiss. It was like a tongue-less turtle mouth.” — Tina Fey on a scene with Steve Carrell in Date Night. [Gatecrasher via EW]
  • “Let me put the Internet at ease. Liz and Jack will never be together. Not even if we go fifteen seasons. OK, if we get to season fifteen, they’ll do it.” — Tina Fey on the future of 30 Rock. [MSNBC Scoop via Esquire]
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