Gary Oldman is the Champion of Latest 'Celebrities Read Mean Tweets'


The latest version of “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” is out and it proves one thing conclusively—Gary Oldman gives exactly zero fucks.

If I’m being totally honest, it’s a toss-up between Oldman and Matthew McConaughey as the true champion here. McConaughey asking “what the fuck’s a dick turd” is a truly beautiful moment in the evolution of humanity. You know he went home and was like “Camila! What do you think a ‘dick turd’ is? Is that like a turd that comes out of your dick? How’s that even possible, man? Is it a construct of our own self-actualized realization of a turd that comes from the penis? Or maybe it’s like a turd that comes out of a penis that only exists in the part of our mind where we allow it to exist? Also, what’s for dinner? Are we having tacos again? I love me some tacos. Dick turd. That’s just fuckin’ crazy.”

The seventh edition of this Jimmy Kimmel staple also includes Julia Roberts, Don Cheadle, Ashton Kutcher, Courteney Cox, Andy Garcia, Mindy Kaling, David Blaine, Don Rickles, Ethan Hawke, June Squibb, Jeremy Piven, Kit Harrington, Emma Stone and Sofia Vergara.

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