Gay Man Forgives High School Bully, Thanks to a Sweet Proposal Video


In Los Angeles, a gay couple was recently engaged via a flash mob of sorts — complete with Step Up choreography — and it’s pretty great. But that’s not all: once the video went viral, one of the men, a victim of high school bullying, got some closure. Yes, it does get better.

After proposing to David Devora, his boyfriend of four years, Lucas Bane received a Facebook message from a guy, B, who Bane told The Gaily Grind treated him unkindly as a teenager.

Can you tell us what kind of bullying you experience in High School?
Lucas: Well I don’t want to play the victim too much because I know there were and are lots of kids that have it way worse than I did, I was well-liked for the most part but I got my fair share of name-calling, aggression, and was beat up more than once. The worst of it was really just being shut out of groups that I really wanted to accept my friendship.
How did B bully you, if you can remember?
He, specifically, was not terrible, but in my memory he was definitely lumped into a group of guys that caused me some distress. The kind of clique that motivates you to succeed and prove that you’re worthy of being accepted.

But instead of a hurtful trip down memory lane, B wrote Bane that he probably didn’t remember him but that he’d watched the proposal video and was very happy that he’d found the love of his life.

Bane wrote back that he did remember B and his memories weren’t positive. But B’s words prompted Bane to forgive B and reminded him that people can change for the better. Relieved, B wrote back that a “30 year old B is a lot different than the 18 year old” and that he’d love to buy Bane a beer if they ever cross paths again.

Now isn’t that a nice way to grab the love of your life and get some closure all in one fell swoop?

Images via Facebook/Vimeo.

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