Gay Man Giddily Livetweets One Of Utah's First Same Sex Weddings Ever


A US District Judge struck down Utah’s same sex marriage ban today, opening the floodgates for same sex marriages to occur in the state. Thanks to social media, one of the first gay men to marry in the state is able to excitedly livetweet his entire courthouse nuptials. And it’s pretty sweet.

The ruling, issued by District Judge Robert J. Shelby, states that Utah’s ban (which was passed by popular vote in the heavily conservative, heavily Mormon state) violates gay couples’ 14th Amendment rights. He also wrote that the state failed to prove how same-sex marriage would impact heterosexual marriage, and that their argument was based on sanctimonious goody two shoes fearmongering rather than actual verifiable facts. Of course, I’m paraphrasing a little.

Almost immediately after the ruling was issued, Seth Anderson, a writer who lives in Salt Lake City, began Tweeting that he was at his local courthouse with his partner, rarin’ to get married.

The resulting series of Tweets is both sweet and inspiring.

But! Drama! Some Powers That Be in Utah aren’t as supportive as the rest of the staff at the courthouse.

Fortunately, whatever they were trying to do to stop the nuptials, they couldn’t do. BECAUSE THE CONSTITUTION, THAT’S WHY.

While some of us may run screaming from marriage, there are others who have fought for years to have the right to marry, and with each new state to legalize same sex marriage comes a new crop happy stories. Congratulations to Seth Anderson, the new Mr. Seth Anderson, and all of the other Utah newlyweds donning now their gay apparel.

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