Georgia Republicans Hit Bottom 


After a federal judge blocked Georgia gubernatorial candidate and current Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s attempt to suppress the vote, and with polls indicating that his race against Democratic challenger Stacey Abrams is a virtual tie, Georgia Republicans and other right-wingers are absolutely losing their shit.

The latest examples of that panic: Kemp just launched an election hacking investigation against the state’s Democratic Party and white supremacists are turbo boosting their racist robocalls.

On Sunday, Kemp claimed the state’s Democratic Party attempted to hack Georgia’s voter registration system. But Politico reports that the Kemp camp is reluctant to share any specificities regarding this charge. Shocker.

From Politico:

“While we cannot comment on the specifics of the ongoing investigation, I can confirm the Democratic Party of Georgia is under investigation for possible cyber crimes,” said Candice Broce, Kemp’s press secretary. “We can also confirm that no personal data was breached and our system remains secure.”
“This is yet another example of abuse of power by an unethical secretary of state,” said Rebecca DeHart, executive director for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “To be very clear, Brian Kemp’s scurrilous claims are 100 percent false, and this so-called investigation was unknown to the Democratic Party of Georgia until a campaign operative in Kemp’s official office released a statement this morning.”

This final hour attempt to create uncertainty among Georgia voters has desperation written all over it. But from a man who whose tenure as Secretary of State has included purging the voter rolls of nearly 700,000 eligible voters—mostly of color—it seems as if this is Kemp’s bread and butter.

Meanwhile, white supremacist and anti-Semitic group The Road to Power are behind racist robocalls to Georgia voters impersonating Oprah Winfrey, who recently campaigned in the state for Abrams. In it, “Oprah” calls herself a “magical negro” and refers to Abrams as the “poor man’s Aunt Jemima.”

Years ago, the Jews who own the American media saw something in me: the ability to trick dumb white women into thinking I was like them, and to do, read, and think what I told them to. I see that same potential in Stacey Abrams. Where others see a poor-man’s Aunt Jemima, I see someone white women can be tricked into voting for, especially the fat ones. And so I promise that every single person who votes for Stacey Abrams: You’re going to get a new car! So you get a car! And you get a car! And you get a car!

Road to Power has been responsible for a slew of racist robocalls this year, including a call made against black gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum in Florida and a call advocating killing undocumented immigrants after the murder of Mollie Tibbetts.

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