Get Psyched for the First Stoner Super Bowl


You know what goes great with nachos and several hours of television? Marijuana! Welcome to the Super Bowl in newly weed-friendly America.

This year, it’s the Denver Broncos that’ll square off with the Seattle Seahawks for the Super Bowl. And wouldn’t you know, recreational pot use is legal in both Washington and Colorado. Guess which small businesses are booming in advance of the big day, according to Reuters?

Demand for “Beast Mode” – a strain named in honor of the Seahawks’ hard-hitting running back, Marshawn Lynch – has been high at his Queen Anne Cannabis Club in Seattle, Johnson said, while pot-laced blue-and-green cupcakes are also selling fast.
“Anything Seahawks colored or themed, it’s ‘Boom!'” Johnson said, referring to the brisk sales. “It almost seems like it’s the holidays all over again.”

And that’s just a dispensary—recreational pot shops aren’t set to open in Washington until later this year. One store near Denver said they’d be running specials tied to the game, like bongs in Broncos colors. Or you could really commit. According to Fox Sports:

Among those hoping to make a buck on the Denver-Seattle matchup is Matt Brown, co-founder of My 420 Tours in Denver. The company is offering a three-night “Stoner Bowl” package starting at $1,409. It includes tours of local marijuana shops and indoor gardens, lots of free samples, a cannabis cooking class and a private viewing party for the game.

Farther afield, a couple of Texans are capitalizing on the enthusiasm with relevant merch at—and there’s already a competitor at A Google News search for “stoner super bowl” returns 6,082 results.

Tommy Chong, for one, approves:

Meanwhile, everyone who decided to attend the Super Bowl in New York City in February will be freezing their asses off. Proof that when in doubt, you should stick to your sofa.

Photo via AP Images

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