Get This White Nationalist, Conspiracy Theorist Clown Out of Office

Let’s walk through just some of the reasons Marjorie Taylor Greene should never have made it to Congress.


July 4th Shootings Are Actually Control Tactics

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July 4th Shootings Are Actually Control Tactics
Screenshot: Facebook

On Tuesday, Greene took to her podcast/Facebook Live to pontificate about how Republicans shouldn’t support gun control, even in the wake of yet another mass shooting.

“Here’s what I have to say. Two shootings on July 4th, one in a rich white neighborhood and the other at a fireworks display [in Orlando]. It’s [sic] almost sounds like it’s designed to persuade Republicans to go along with more gun control. I mean, after all, remember, we didn’t see that at all the pride parades in the month of June. But as soon as we hit MAGA month, as soon as we hit the month we’re all celebrating loving our country, we have shootings on July 4,” Greene said.

Then Greene appears to look down at a laptop (remembering she has talking points to hit perhaps?). “I mean, that’s...Oh you know,” she said, gesturing at what I truly can only guess is a script. “That would sound like a conspiracy theory, right? Of course. But what’s the definition of a right-wing conspiracy theory? Well by the way, it’s the news that’s just six months early.”

Only an absolutely deranged person would say a young man was hired? persuaded? to carry out a mass shooting to keep Republicans in line with voting for more gun control measures.

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