'Giant' Women Gripe About Being Tall in New Reality Show


This clip from TLC’s reality show about extremely tall women, My Giant Life, features a woman named Lindsay, who’s 6’9 and says, “I just want normal girl things.”

The five-part series, which premieres July 14, follows four “giants” in their everyday lives and notably, they’re all athletes: Actress and ex-wrestler Lindsay, volleyball players Colleen (6’6”) and Haleigh (6’7”) and Nancy Mulkey (6’9”), a high school baller.

In a new preview, which you can watch here, Lindsay explains why traveling is such a nuisance. “The airplane is very frustrating for me,” she says. “I shouldn’t have to feel self-conscious about walking onto an airplane, but I do because I know… that everybody on that plane is like, ‘I hope I don’t have to sit next to her.’”

Tall people problems.

For what it’s worth, Nancy Mulkey told ESPN in a previous profile, “I’m not as shy about my height. I strut more. I’m not slouching as much. I want to stand tall.”

Correction: An earlier version of this story identified the woman in the clip and in the screenshot above as 16-year-old Nancy Mulkey. This is Lindsay, per a rep from TLC.

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Image via TLC

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