Gif Wrap: Animated Celebs At The Academy Awards


Last night’s Academy Awards ceremony was slightly on the boring side, but thankfully, the audience was full of entertainers, who couldn’t help but make goofy faces—whether intentional or not—to our delight. Here they are, in endless rotating animation.

It wouldn’t really be an event without Mariah Carey’s breasts.

At one point, Meryl checked in with her own.

Speaking of boobs, I don’t know who this guy is, but I liked his robotic jaw.

This lady is also a non-celeb, but she was having the best time during the technical awards announcements. I hope she had a designated driver. She was kind of Nolte-ing it.

If they gave out awards for award-watching, Clooney would totally get one.

He’s so method.

Stanley Tucci rules.

As does Samuel L. Jackson.

The only way that Jason Reitman could make clapping look any sadder is if he only had one hand.

Actually, scratch that. Quentin Tarantino proves that one-handed applause are actually really worth trying.

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