Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are Probably Totally Doing It Right Now

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Hot new couple alert: Former One Directioner (and possible member of Isis, according to The Huffington Post) Zayn Malik and model Gigi Hadid were seen canoodling at a trendy restaurant on Tuesday night. Are they together? Mysterious sources say yes!

E! reports that the duo, who were first spotted together at the AMAs on Sunday spend the evening with Gigi’s sister Bella at a trendy eatery in LA, but couldn’t “keep their hands off each other” the entire time. Another source suggests that neither Gigi nor Zayn are ready for another relationship, but this description of the pair’s evening sure sounds like they might at least be more than friends?

“They were holding hands under the table, whispering in each others’ ears, and Zayn [was] holding Gigi’s leg. Gigi was so attached to him that she even followed Zayn outside to the patio during a smoke break.”

Congratulations! You know who I’m feeling for right now? Bella Hadid, who had to be there the entire time playing the third wheel. Not only is she the younger sister who’s not dating a boy band member, but she’s probably not even in line to inherit Yolanda Foster’s strange and sensual see-through fridge (which has its own Twitter account).

I know the story’s about Zayn and Gigi, but what I’d really like is to know is whether Gigi and Bella ever have this type of conversation at home:


Speaking of Yolanda Foster, her Real Housewives co-stars have accused her of faking Lyme disease. Lisa Rinna and Taylor Armstrong (who?) are claiming that the most reasonable housewife has become a hypochondriac and is just making herself sicker by going to alternative healers. And, just like Brooks Ayers (Real Housewives of Orange County) Yolanda’s been pretty secretive about her diagnosis, which is making her castmates uneasy about whether she’s really suffering.

Is Yolanda pulling a Kim Zolciak? According to fellow housewife Eileen Davidson, she isn’t. Mystery solved! Maybe! Didn’t everyone like these shows better when the ladies on them weren’t trying to be detectives and just spent their time throwing glasses of wine at each other? I sure did. I keep hoping that they’ll add the morally bankrupt Faye Resnick and chain-smoking medium Allison Dubois to the cast, but every season Bravo disappoints us once again. [Radar]

Jackee Harry is winning Thanksgiving right now, and the day has barely started. The Sister, Sister star (who is now appearing on Young and Hungry, which, for some reason, has not been cancelled yet while every show you love has), spent last night tweeting thanksgiving clapbacks that all of us can use when we’re sitting around the table with our families this evening.

Here are a few selections:

Also, just in case you were wondering: jackee is drinking. Well, at least she was last night. But it’s a holiday, so she’s probably drinking now, too. [Twitter]

  • Teen landlord Kylie Jenner and cool older dude from the internet who calls himself Tyga are still together. Good for Tyga, I guess? [Radar]
  • Bobby Flay’s ex tried to sue him over potato videos but totally lost because no one could give less of a shit about potato videos. Or Bobby Flay, if we’re being honest here. [Page Six]
  • Michael Weatherly (who is on NCIS) was arrested for a DUI. Weatherly couldn’t be reached for comment, but he’s probably somewhere between “ashamed for driving drunk” and “grateful that it’s Thanksgiving and the celeb news is so slow that he’s being thought about.” [Just Jared]
  • Guess how much Demi Moore pays for her dog’s acupuncture! Did you guess $700? If so, you’re both right and very, very depressed right now. [Celebitchy]
  • Last night I had a nightmare and accidentally assaulted my husband when I woke up because I couldn’t tell the difference between a sleeping Allen and an axe murder coming to maim/kill me with a variety of power tools. I was forced to spend the night on the couch and am now having an awful morning. NO ONE TALK TO ME! (Not my fault Allen’s snoring sounds like a budget chainsaw.)
  • Brielle Zolciak is now getting lip fillers from the same doctor that Kylie Jenner gets hers. [Page Six]
  • Brad Pitt is cooking today. [Celebitchy]
  • Apparently, it was Katherine Heigl’s birthday this week? Since that’s what we’re working with this morning, I’m going to cut it here, before I have to let everyone know what Ally Sheedy’s doing right now. I couldn’t tell you anyway; she hasn’t tweeted since mid-November.) [Twitter]

It’s Thanksgiving and here’s what I’m thankful for: One, that no one will ever forget this post I wrote about flowers; Two, that this video exists and still brings us all such joy:

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