Gisele Gets Her Ass Cupped in the New Vogue Italia


Steven Meisel shot Gisele Bündchen as a pampered society lady undergoing a variety of spa treatments — mani-pedi, Kim Kardashian-approved blood facial, cupping, some other shit we don’t even recognize ’cause we’re not pampered society ladies — for Vogue Italia’s “Health and Beauty” issue.

Meisel has treaded this territory before, publishing biting spreads about celebrity culture and the beauty standard. But unlike his famous celebrity rehab or plastic surgery stories, this one feels too gentle to be satire. And Vogue Italia’s description is pure dreck:

Glamorous wellness. Global wellness, an all-round healthy lifestyle. Health and beauty as the result of a wider process of harmony of the body. The real luxury of taking care of ourselves. And all is reflected on our skin: a valid anti-age ally is the Visible Radiance Facial Cleansing Cream, that eliminates impurities and sublimes the radiance of the complexion, thus renewing its cellular vitality. On the face, make-up is sophisticated, never too evident, thanks to the bright new Super Liner Silkissime, seductive black, eye pencil with a soft texture and enriched with oils, to combine with the mascara Volume Million Lashes Mascara, noir, with an anti-clump wiper, for a très intense gaze. All by L’Oréal Paris.

Anyway, there’s a video, set to Le1f’s “Hate2Wait.”

Health And Beauty [Vogue Italia]

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