Gloria Allred Defends 14-Year-Old Girl After OK! Implicates Her in Sex Scandal With Tyga


The cover story of OK!’s December 28 issue, entitled “TYGA IN LOVE WITH UNDERAGE TEEN,” tells the story of a “14-year-old model” whom Tyga had allegedly been chatting with on Instagram. There are screenshots of their alleged conversations (easily faked, I thought), a blurry photo of the teen (probably just a blurred stock photo, I thought), and a long story about how it “humiliated” Kylie (that sounds legit, I thought), but the girl was never called out by name—until today.

In a press conference streamed live Monday afternoon, famed attorney Gloria Allred sat beside the girl, now identified as a ninth grader named Molly, as she told reporters that OK! did not receive the messages from her. “Even though [they] pixelated my face and did not use my name, a lot of people could tell it was me,” she said.

Allred then formally requested an apology from the tabloid, as well as the chance for Molly to tell her side of the story. “Celebrities and OK! Magazine are controlling the narrative,” Allred said. “People who are not well known—who are otherwise voiceless and powerless and feeling hopeless—have a right to have their side of the story. They have a right to do that. She is 14 years old.”

According to Allred, OK!’s version of Tyga’s interactions with Molly suggests “the teen was excited to be part of ‘an alleged sex scandal.’” which may be a reference to this paragraph from the story:

One of the high school freshman’s friends confirms that Tyga has been dogged in his pursuit of the minor (who does look older than her years in online photos): “He’s definitely trying to hook up with her, and she’s flattered. She thinks it’s exciting…He keeps telling her how beautiful she is and how he can’t wait to hang out with her. It’s a lot of attention for a girl her age, and she’s clearly enjoying it.”

“This should not even be a question for a 14-year-old girl…that she should in some way be associated…in what appears to be a sex scandal,” Allred said. “[Molly] has nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe some other people do. Now, I know that Tyga has music coming out this month, ‘Gone Too Far.’ Well, I think he’s gone too far with this.”

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