God Planning to Use Magic to Help Romney Win Election, Says Glenn Beck


Great analysis on the state of the Presidential race today, this time from hollering chalkboard assailant Glenn Beck. Turns out, everything you thought about Mitt Romney’s anemic poll numbers is wrong. Romney’s not falling behind because fewer people plan on voting for him; according to Beck, he’s falling behind because God is manipulating polls to make it appear as though Romney is losing, only to reveal on election day His awesome power to hack voting machines and undermine the Democratic process. God will Miracle Romney into the Oval Office, is what he’s saying.

The weird (but not unpredictable by any means) pronouncement occurred during a live conversation with evangelist David Barton. The two agree that ol’ Mittens Romney is far from the ideal candidate, but Beck isn’t totally convinced that all of this is part of some divine plan to, I don’t know, show off to America. “”God is trying to make this so clear to us that, if it happens, it’s His finger,” said Beck.

Why wouldn’t God just, I don’t know, rearrange the stars to say HEY GUYS! VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY! rather than going through the trouble of manipulating polls and/or the election results in order to prove His might to Amurricans? Ugh. I’m so bad at God psychology.

[Right Wing Watch]

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