Golden Retriever is Truly Baffled by Video of Golden Retriever 


This Golden Retriever is as perplexed by viral videos on the Interwebs as most of us probably are, but she has the courage to show it. She’s not embarrassed that she thinks this might be an actual mini dog here on her table, playing with a squeaky toy that she wants to play with too. Not at all.

First off, I cannot let this post go by without mentioning that “Josie” is an absolutely perfect name for a Golden Retriever. That dog is a total “Josie.” Tonight, Josie is all of us who ever watched a video on the Internet and had a painfully stupid question about it. Thankfully no one hears the the things we say to ourselves in our head (hopefully no one does) so no one will ever have to know about that time we tried to pet the adorable yawning kitty in that video three years ago. No one saw it. Relax. You stole all those tapes from the office security camera above your desk. No one will ever know anything about that except you and the yawning kitty who still lives in your dreams.

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