Goodbye Forever, 2000s: Louis Vuitton Cancels the Murakami Colorway


Perhaps you recall when Louis Vuitton released the Takashi Murakami Multicolore monogram collection in 2003, and fashion-minded women the world over freaked out? Yeah, well, Louis Vuitton is over that now, and will cease selling the colorway by the end of July. The oughties are officially deceased.

For a time, the Multicolore handbag was the absolute must-have accessory on the scene, with celebrities proudly wearing it on their tiny arms (for some reason the bag and Lindsay Lohan are inextricable in my mind, perhaps because she was still innocent, like the bag) and non-celebrities bouncing rent checks and trading in their firstborns to have a shot at copping one. Also, soon after its release, it became the most-copied colorway on Canal Street, bootleg versions lighting up the dirty concrete in a white rainbow. Eventually, because of that, it quickly became gauche and tacky and therefore totally awesome.

Louis Vuitton seems to get that. WWD reports:

Representatives for Louis Vuitton, which is now helmed by Nicolas Ghesquière, declined to comment on the collection’s termination, noting that the brand prefers to “look forward.”

Ghesquiere was appointed in 2013, coming in after Marc Jacobs’ 16-year run at the company, during which he helmed the Murakami collaboration as well as a flagship Stephen Sprouse re-up, two smart decisions that helped bring the storied brand into the 21th Century. But guess what? We’re over that now. We’ve been in this Century for 15 damn years. The stuff we did in 2003 is of little consequence, because it was dumb. The oughties are over. The Multicolore design will cease being sold by the end of July. After which we will develop intense nostalgia for it, and begin collecting it for exorbitant prices on eBay. Lindsay Lohan is British now. The world motors on.

Image via Louis Vuitton

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