GQ Made Drake Their Coverboy Just for Amanda Bynes


In today’s edition of Tweet Beat, GQ and Amanda Bynes play nice, Amanda promises her eager followers post-op photos, and Ice-T is officially an old.

Hey @AmandaBynes, we made this cover just for you:
— GQ Magazine (@GQMagazine) June 18, 2013
Thanks to all the handsome men who work at GQ for making that cover for me!
— Amanda Bynes (@AmandaBynes) June 18, 2013
I can’t wait for my surgeries so I can start taking pictures!
— Amanda Bynes (@AmandaBynes) June 18, 2013
Sitting at Denny’s. Just realized I can order off the seniors menu. That’s a bargain! Lol!
— ICE T (@FINALLEVEL) June 18, 2013
VICE fashion-shoot featuring women writers/ suicides makes Woolf, Plath, et al. younger, more attractive & indeed stylish. (No Sexton?)
— Joyce Carol Oates (@JoyceCarolOates) June 18, 2013
Lingering doubt whether Plath’s death, like Marilyn Monroe’s, was altogether deliberate. Biographies not clear. Could have intended an
— Joyce Carol Oates (@JoyceCarolOates) June 18, 2013
angry, despairing gesture & consequence not calculated. In any case, tragic & quixotic involving Ted Hughes as literary executor.
— Joyce Carol Oates (@JoyceCarolOates) June 18, 2013
THIS guy should be Dario on Game of thrones!!!
— Neko Case (@NekoCase) June 18, 2013
Falsely accusing someone of rape is a crime susie bell.i lost a 25k contract with klondike because of u. C u in court
— Jose Canseco (@JoseCanseco) June 18, 2013
The only way to have an organized sock drawer is to just own 2 socks. Otherwise: chaos.
— Kristen Schaal (@kristenschaaled) June 18, 2013
Sometimes there is nothing that makes me sadder than seeing an elderly woman in public with no bra on. 🙁
— Busy Philipps (@Busyphilipps25) June 18, 2013
Regardless of what you think of Jay-Z’s album title, he just taught a bunch of dudes about the Magna Carta and that has value.
— Gillian Jacobs (@GillianJacobs) June 18, 2013
“I can do that. Hold my beer” – My last words, probably.
— Anna Kendrick (@AnnaKendrick47) June 18, 2013
A man that treats his girl like a Princess shows that he was raised by a Queen.
— Soulja Boy (@souljaboy) June 18, 2013
I love boss bitches. Independent ladies owning their own business, tackling the world , one doubter at a time �������� ��
— NiC0LE P0LiZZi (@snooki) June 18, 2013
pretty often a handshake with a stranger is the only physical contact I get all day. so I’m cool if u want to give it a few extra seconds.
— nathan fielder (@nathanfielder) June 18, 2013

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