Grammy Fashion Flashback: 10 Years On The Tackiest Red Carpet Of All


The truly great thing about the Grammy awards is that they aren’t as serious as the Oscars but still glam enough for evening gowns. The result is a red carpet filled with risks: sometimes they pay off, and other times….

Jennifer Lopez, 2000: Perhaps the most famous Grammy gown of all, J-Lo’s low cut dress boosted her profile and was later mocked by Trey Parker, who wore a replica to the Oscars soon after. The dress is now on display in the Grammy Museum.

Destiny’s Child, 2001: Before there was the House of Dereon, there were several Maria von Trapp-inspired, Tina Knowles designed matchy-matchy Destiny’s Child get-ups.

Lil’ Kim, 2002: I really miss Lil’ Kim on the red carpet. If nothing else, she had the most interesting outfits. And nobody can match quite like she can.

Fred Durst, 2003: Ugh, this dude. There’s always one “too cool for you” rock star dude who shows up in jeans because dressing up is so “corporate” and “against my style.” Whatever, dude. If you were so fucking anti-Grammys, you would have just stayed home. Put on a damn jacket and stop acting like you’re Sid Vicious just because you “dared” to wear a t-shirt to the prom.

R.Kelly, 2004: If you’re going to wear a Batman mask to the Grammys, at least bedazzle it or something, right?

Joan and Melissa Rivers, 2005: My absolute favorite part of the Rivers’ coverage is the fact that they are consistently THE WORST dressed people on the red carpet. The worst! It makes their takedowns of everyone else’s outfits that much funnier.

Teri Hatcher, 2006: I feel like this dress represents all of Dodai’s Free People catalog nightmares, come to life.

John Mayer’s Hair, 2007: 2007 was the year John Mayer started slowly morphing into a Tim Burton character.

Cher, 2008: This is just a lot of look, even for Cher.

Coldplay, 2009: Why didn’t people give them more shit for dressing like *N Sync, circa 2001, only the more boring, Gap-approved version? Even 2ge+her had better outfits! (Most likely because they know their calculus, you guys.)

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