Gross Dress Makes Women Into Urinals


The dress below, available on etsy (and covered on regretsy) transforms a woman into … a urinal.

You know, something for men to piss on.

Many readers may be understandably shocked, but Gwen and I are old hats at this. In fact, we’ve covered urinals-as-women before in this pretty darn horrific collection of woman- (and nun-) themed urinals, toilets, and sinks. Welcome to our world!

UPDATE:There is an interesting conversation going on in the comments, with one side arguing that the dress is satire, a feminist statement. One commenter points us to this video which also features a yellow dress decorated with a urinal and the phrase “Not taking the Piss!”

This post originally appeared at Sociological Images. Republished with permission.

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Image via George Dolgikh/

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