Gross YouTube Comic Films 'Air Sex' With Women Without Their Consent


An Internet comic in France has sparked outrage with a video called “Free Sex,” in which he films himself simulating sex acts with women without their knowledge.

In the horribly titled video “Free Sex,” Remi Gaillard films himself simulating sex with unsuspecting women who can’t see what he’s doing. Yes, it’s even more awful than I can possibly describe it. Via Daily Dot:

A French comedian, who describes himself on YouTube as “world-famous for his dangerously funny videos,” Gaillard has “air sex” with unsuspecting women on the street.
In the video, Gaillard (who, from the looks of it, is France’s version of Dane Cook, which for some reason actually sounds way worse than Cook himself) sneaks up behind a series of attractive young women, simulating fellatio, cunniligus, and sex with them without their knowledge (emphasis on “without their knowledge”—although he’s pantomiming sex, the joke is that he’s doing so without their consent). When they catch on, he scampers away.

OH GOD not another “dangerous” comic. “Dangerous” seems to be a secret comedian code word for “I am unfunny so I just act like a total ass.” More great news—the video has 4 million views so far on YouTube. Oh yay. By the way, is there anything in the world sadder than being “France’s version of Dane Cook?”

His antics have not gone unnoticed by critics who (presumably after they stop dry heaving from watching the video) have been quite vocal about how wrong it is to do something like this to women who, again, HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HE’S DOING WHEN HE FILMS THEM. Gaillard has been accused of glorifying rape culture and worse, according to Metro:

Writer Dom Bochel Guegan claimed the video [trivialized] ‘the sexual violence of which we have been or will be one day the victim of’. French TV presenter Audrey Pulvar described the film as ‘disgusting and unfunny’ while a former health minister said the comedian was guilty of ‘glorifying rape’.

Responding to the controversy, Gaillard was all like LOL LADIES BE CRAZY CALM DOWN BECAUSE ART. Or something:

Gaillard has also weighed in on the controversy on Facebook, writing, “Women are not objects, and yet, the media is feasting on this humorous video. If the video doesn’t make everyone laugh, that’s another story.” He also thanked his followers for “voting en masse…for the freedom of expression.”

Considering the material he makes and distributes,Gaillard is probably way too obtuse to even begin to comprehend why what he doing is wrong. And besides, the only thing he probably gives a shit about is that he has accomplished what he set out to do, which is make himself even more famous on the Internet. Job well done, bro.

I like funny. I like funny videos (I post them here all the time). But this isn’t funny. Neither is it a “freedom of expression” issue. It’s just stupid and gross. That’s about the most complex analysis this bonehead and his corny video deserve.

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