Guard Pulled From Royal Wedding Duty After Ranting About Kate Middleton


It seems like there’s a new story about inappropriate behavior on Facebook every day, so it’s really no surprise that there’s now a royal wedding version of the classic tale.

18-year-old Cameron Reilly, a member of the elite Scots Guard, has been banned from the royal wedding after posting a rant about Kate Middleton on his Facebook page. He wrote:

Her and William drove past me on Friday and all I got was a s****y wave while she looked the opposite way from me, stupid, stuck-up cow. Am I not good enough for them! Posh b****. Who really gives a f*** about her?

Reilly is getting the most attention for insulting Kate at daring to suggest that some people don’t give a fuck about her, but other comments on his wall are actually far more disturbing. He wrote, “Watching a massive Jew gathering at the Tower of London! Have never seen so many rabbis in my life.” A friend replied, “Get the rifle out…” and he answered, “Have got one of the Jews in my sights now lmao.” He also calls London, “a Paki holding cell” and brags about attacking a black man while off duty in his hometown near Glasgow.

Reilly is one of the soldiers who regularly patrols outside Buckingham Palace, much to tourists’ delight, and would have been one of several hundred soldiers participating in the royal wedding. So far he’s only been pulled from the nuptials detail, but the Scots Guards are investigating his case further. We can think of a number of good reasons for not wanting him armed and representing the British people, least of which is calling Kate a “stuck-up cow.”

Scots Guard Removed From Royal Wedding Duty For Making Vile Slurs Against Kate Middleton [Daily Mail]

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